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Your Personal Travel Planner inEurope and Lebanon

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Tailor-Made and Handpicked Itinerary

globe&beyond itineraries are unlike any other. Instead of following the typical travel agency packages, I personalise your travel experience around your interests, desires, style of traveling.

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A globe&beyond Guide: Whenever, Wherever

With every travel planning service comes a globe&beyond PDF guide. A true travel ally, your globe&beyond guide can be consulted on smartphone, tablet or computer!

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Socio and Enviro
Conscious Travel

Want to start traveling sustainably? Immerse yourself in the local lifestyle? Each globe&beyond adventure will be planned in the least environmental impact possible and benefiting local businesses.

Behind globe&beyond


 My name is Lusi, I’m a travel content creator and owner of Lusi Studios. I’m half Russian, half Lebanese, and I live in Paris. My love story with traveling began when I was … I can’t even remember. Since a very young age, my parents and I traveled through the globe and since 2017 it has become my full time focus. 

My missions through globe&beyond

Bring to you my personal travel experiences through Europe and help you build your unforgettable memories.

Show the world how underrated Lebanon is by accompanying you with the planning of your upcoming trip there.

A true passion for travel

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