Hi, I'm Lusi!

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Lusi!

I’m a travel content creator and owner of Lusi Studios

Born in Beirut, Lebanon then lived in Moscow, Russia for 7 years before moving to Paris, France, I always was a passionate traveler. I grew up with parents in love with travel and I’m grateful to say that I’ve explored more than 40 countries. 

The thing I love most about traveling is the thrill of going to a new place, discovering new cultures, tasting new food, meeting new people! I inspire people to chase their best adventurous life. 

Fun fact: I have a bucket list of things I want to do before I turn 30. This is when I decided to create Lusi Studios, to share my travel adventures and my journey in completing this bucket list!

Why I created globe&beyond?

I want to bring my personal travel experiences to you and help you build your unforgettable memories. 

I’ve explored Europe in-depth from top to bottom and I can honestly say there’s something special for each traveler. Lebanon is my second home and it’s such an underrated country that I wan to show its beauty to the world.  There are so many preconceived ideas that I want to break through globe&beyond. 


Meaning behind globe&beyond

Traveling goes way beyond just going to one place

1. Living new experiences

2. Meeting new people

3. Discovering new cultures

4. Caring for our planet and its inhabitants

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